Study Tour Overview

Additour coordinates study tour programs from start to finish, for some of Australia’s most desirable destinations.
We are focused on providing each student with an unforgettable experience which they will cherish for a lifetime.
We've been coordinating for over 10 years with groups visiting the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, with

  • Airport pickup/drop-off by coach with a tour guide
  • English lessons (ESL) with experienced teachers
  • School Integration, and optional Buddy Integration at a number of Queensland Accredited Private Schools (Prep-year 12)
  • Guided full and half day excursions
  • Homestay accommodation with Australian families

English Lessons (ESL)

All ESL teachers are experienced and use a range of teaching styles to suit each group’s requirements.

ESL lessons are focused around a group's program and excursions. Teachers can focus on improving certain areas of the group’s English language skills and will work from the groups’ own text books if they wish to bring them to Australia.

More about English Lessons (ESL).

School Integration

Additour matches visiting students (Buddies) with Australian high-school students (Ambassadors).

Ambassadors share time with visiting buddies, visiting mainstream classes together. This provides visiting students with a sense of Australian school life.

More about School Integration.

Guided Full and Half Day Excursions

Additour offers a wide range of excursion options to provide each group with a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

A tour guide will accompany the group on each excursion.

A few of the available options include:

  • Theme Parks (e.g Dreamworld, SeaWorld, MovieWorld, Paradise Country)
  • Zoos (e.g. Currumbin Wild Life Sanctuary, Australia Zoo)
  • Sightseeing tours (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hinterland)
  • Souvenir shopping (Harbour Town, Surfers Paradise)
  • Activities (e.g. Surf lifesaving program, beach activities with barbeque, golf)
More about Excursions and Transfers.

Homestay Accommodation

Students stay with caring Australian families. All families are visited at their home. All host family members over 18 years old are government checked and issued a ‘blue card’ to host young students.

Each guest is provided with a comfortable bed, three meals a day and is accompanied to and from school by an adult.

Homestay is the best way for students to experience what it is like to live as part of an Australian family, to practice their English, increase their understanding of Australian culture and to share their own culture with their Australian family.

More about Homestay Accomodation.

Coach Transfers

Additour can take care of all of your group’s transportation requirements. We can organise coaches for each excursion as well as airport pickups and drop-offs.

More about Coach Transfers.

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for a study group

Additour can take care of all of your group’s transportation requirements. We can organise coaches for each excursion as well as airport pickups and drop-offs.

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